Tuesday, July 6, 2010

In the Share - Week 9

cucumber harvest

TOMATOES (F/P) One for each of you or a partial pint of cherry tomatoes
NEW POTATOES (F/P) Not cured, so keep these in the fridge.
CHOICE: BROCCOLI, KOHLRABI OR SALSA PACK (F) Grill the kohlrabi with your summer squash for a real treat. Salsa packs make their debut: chop up contents, add a little vinegar and tomato and you've got America's favorite condiment.
SUMMER LETTUCE (F/P) Small crispheads that can stand the summer heat
WALLA WALLA ONIONS (F/P) They're the sweet ones.
CABBAGE (F) Time for some coleslaw.
CUCUMBERS (F/P) We're proud of the crop this week - long and lean.
SUMMER SQUASH (F/P) Can't believe it took us 8 years of farming to make the Grilled Pasta Primavera in Tom's blog. Thanks, Farmer Tom for our new favorite.
HERB CHOICE (F/P) Basil, Parsley, Summer Savory or a dried herb
ALSO THIS WEEK: Bread of Life Bakery shares

NEXT WEEK: More tomatoes, cucumbers and squash. Carrots and garlic.

What a beautiful week it has been on the farm. The weather has been lovely for the work, not too hot, low humidity. 1.3 inches of rain fell over the last 2 days, a nice slow soaking rain that was just what was needed. We finally got a break from irrigating which had been continuous for the past 2 weeks.

Summer is really here, you can almost watch the crops grow. The cucumbers are coming on strong and the beans are growing their first fruits. The tomatoes are a bit slow to ripen which is in keeping with the 1 week setback that has occured amongst those crops that were in the field during the cold, wet weeks in early May. We should have more tomatoes by next week with the peak of the harvest usually occuring at the end of July into early August.
The strawberry patch received it's annual post-harvest haircut thanks to farm apprentice, Emily Lecuyer.
Mowing down the patch appears extreme but is recommended by the horticultural experts for reducing disease and pests. The second stage of what they call "renovation" includes tilling up the paths to make room for harvest and feeding the plants with organic fertilizer. With a little rain and sunshine the patch will grow back better than ever by fall.

Finally, an administrative reminder. July is here and the end of the month deadline for CSA payments is approaching. Contact me (farmer rebecca) if you need help remembering how much you owe. Thank you all for your suppport.

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