Tuesday, January 18, 2011

December Vacation

We do our best every year to push our farm work to the back burner in December, and save time for some serious rest and relaxation. Vacation travel has been sparse the last several years, so this year we made plans to visit Kauai, Hawaii and some free family lodging.

It was a wonderful week, complete with sun every day, great beachs, snorkeling, amazing flora and fauna, and local food that included tropical fruit and fresh seafood. We were able to cook at our accomdations, so we visited the market each day, and prepared many of our meals "at home." Here are a few photos we took. Aloha.

Rebecca along a north shore beach


Taro fields

After a day of paddling an
outrigger with Rebecca's
Aunt Phyllis

The everpresent wild rooster

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Andy Coffey said...

Wonderful pictures, and given your advocation.... by definition, a deserved vacation.