Tuesday, May 31, 2011

In the Share - Week 3

BROCCOLI (F/P) One of my favorite crops to grow which means I’m a bit of a sadist. Broccoli is a finicky crop especially in our Springs, but they are looking as good as we’ve ever had right now.
STRAWBERRIES (F/P) 1 pint for everyone. Read Tom’s post for the whole story on the disappointing strawberry crop. But, did I mention the broccoli is outstanding this week?
LETTUCE (F/P) There are some monsters lurking in the field masquerading as lettuces. Try a decadent treat – farmer Tom’s butterhead heart salad. I plan to give the full shares a butterhead and a romaine. Partial shares get a choice of one.
HAKUREI TURNIPS OR PINK BEAUTY RADISHES (F/P) It's a hard choice, I know. Both are on the bulk list...
SPINACH (F/P) The storms and four inches of rain in the last week have tested the spinach. So far it appears to have survived. We are picking every leaf this week, so enjoy it while you can.
TAT SOI OR ARUGULA (F) Need something to jazz up your salads? A crunch or some spice.
HERB CHOICE (F/P) Mint, cilantro, oregano or dill
GARLIC SCAPES (F/P) The delightfully delicate flower buds of the hardneck garlic. See Tom’s blog for a garlic scape dressing to go with that butterhead heart salad. The scapes also work well in a Caesar salad for the romaines.

ALSO THIS WEEK: Bread of Life shares

NEXT WEEK: More broccoli, lettuce and radishes. Kohlrabi and kale. Sugarsnap Peas and endive.

It has been a crazy week here at the farm. Sheep arrived, a tornado threatened and we got four inches of rain. On Wednesday morning Tom Parker brought five lambs to the farm.

The lambs will stay with us for the summer, eating our grasses and clovers and depositing their good benefits on our soil. To keep the farm food safe, we always keep them at a lower elevation than our crops and work with them at the end of the day. Every three days we move them to a new spot where they have fresh forage. This mimics the natural movement of grassland animals and keeps them free from parasites.

Later that same morning, we had a tornado warning. Several of the CSA members here on their farm shift got to join us down in our root cellar.

All clear with only rain and hail. Nothing to speak of compared to the plight of others in Sedalia and Joplin.

As far as the rain goes, it was getting dry so we didn’t mind the first inch or so. Now we are very much hoping it will cease and desist immediately.

Forecasters call for a hot and sunny week. Sounds just fine to your farmers. Give us some sun already!

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Emily Lecuyer said...

I'm so excited you have lambs again! Can't wait to meet them :)