Friday, February 24, 2012

A Look Back

It was 10 years ago that Rebecca and I made our home here on her family's land in rural Clay County and began Fair Share Farm. Having moved here in November of 2002, we began working on building the farm's infrastructure in late January, while remodeling our 1930's farmhouse.
The house in 2002

While we lost some photos due to a bad disk drive, we do have pictures of those early days and plan on sharing some with you as the year proceeds. This round documents the building of the greenhouse, our initial infrastructure project.

The passive solar design was taken from a similar structure at the MU Mount Vernon Experimental Station. With the help of Rebecca's father John, family, and some hired hands we commenced to clear the site of an old chicken coop and build this most important structure.

Through all types of weather the greenhouse has stood tall and nurtured our late-Winter and early-Spring transplants. It has also served to dry herbs, cure sweet potatoes, overwinter potted plants, dry our clothes, and otherwise warm us.

John clearing the site for the greenhouse

Greenhouse back wall

Rebecca laying out the foundation
Building the greenhouse

Taking shape

Rebecca hoisting the plastic
Insulating and finishing the interior

The finished greenhouse

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