Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Snow on the Farm, February 2013

Let it snow is what we are saying at the farm right now. We think we have the animals, structures, machinery and rations in hand for a day or two of staying at home. We are hoping for some nice runoff into the pond, so we can start the Spring with the meximum water supply.

Chicken coop in the snow
Working in the high tunnel on Monday
The main impact of the snow out here is the drifts. Winds swirl around the buildings and vehicles depositing thigh high dunes. This weather is not favored by the chickens or cats, but is loved by the dog. Rocky is built for days like this and it is a pleasure to see an animal so at home.

Work is progressing on more infrastructure work, as we are in the midst of expanding the packing room and wash area. Part of this is the construction of a new cooler, double the size of the old one. We are also trying to use up every scrap piece of wood, doors, siding, insulation and caulk to empty out the barn through repurposing.

Drifts to your thighs
Up at the pond

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