Tuesday, June 4, 2013

What to Do With Your Share---Week 3

We are rolling now. The harvest has begun in earnest. There has been a real growth spurt of late, and whatever is harvestable is being taken from the field and put in the shares. Predicting a share is as hard as predicting the weather.

Such unpredicatble behavior can be fun, as you find yourself in unique situations, like having a surplus of lettuce and strawberries at the same time. We enjoy such short-lived instances and figure out ways to bring the two together.

The first pickings of 2013
Our go-to recipe is salad with creamy strawberry and garlic dressing. The recipe from Week 4 of 2010 details this recipe. If you have some green garlic left from a previous share use it, otherwise, skip the garlic and add an extra strawberry or two to this delicious salad dressing.

For your salad, any of the lettuces that you get will go well. Add some broccoli florets, hakurei turnips or bok choi leaves and you have half a meal. Enjoy these tender greens now, as Summer will soon take lettuce out of the shares.

We also recommend a hearty stir fry. Depending on the type share you get and what you might have left over, the type of stir fry you cook can be different. I suggest going to the top-left hand corner of this page and searching the blog for stir fry. Several great suggestions are there, including a favorite of mine-Stir Fry Soup.

High tunnel just before mowing

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