Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What to Do With Your Share---Week 13

It is nearing the middle of August and all the tomatoes, no matter the variety or when we planted them, have decided to ripen at the same time. In checking our records we find that this is the latest in the season the tomato flush has ever come for us.

Last year was the earliest, as the harvest peaked starting July 10th. Other years the peak has started between the 14th of July and 1st of August. This year's prolonging of the harvest should mean more tomatoes than normal going into September.

The beginnings of tomato sauce
It also means that sauce making and tomato preservation is taking place. We have begun our march toward 50 quarts of sauce for the year, and are surrounded by tomato seconds right now. Check the bulk list email from today if you are interested in some processing tomatoes.

In the meantime, enjoy the bounty. A pinch of salt is all you really need to eat tomatoes when they are in season. And be sure that it is no idle boast to say that a Missouri tomato is better than most. Our hot weather and long season are the reason why many travelers have told us this area grows a superior tomato.
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