Tuesday, May 12, 2015

In the Share - Week 1

Season starters
BUTTERHEAD LETTUCE F/P  The queens of the Spring are like nothing else.

ASIAN GREENS F/P A combo or a choice of bok choy and tat soi

KALE OR CHARD F/P  Everything leafy is thriving right now

GREEN ONIONS F/P  From our August 2014 planting

SPINACH F/P  Big, beefy leaves from the field

ARUGULA F  tender leaves to spice up your life

HERBS F/P  Cilantro and/or dill

RADISHES F  They are just starting to bulb out.  There will be more for all next week.

NEXT WEEK:  More lettuces, greens, herbs and radishes.  Hakurei turnips and green garlic.

We can't remember the farm looking more lush and vibrant. 

Washing the spinach
We have had the perfect weather for leaf growth and hence you are getting many greens this week.  Swiss chard leaves as big as our heads cannot grow forever.  They must be eaten now or never!  Today we harvested and washed the spinach.

It can't be the case that all is perfect on the farm.  The asparagus crop was a big disappointment this year.  It gave us barely enough to include a few times in the extended season, but now it is done for the year.  We hope that next year will see some improvement.

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