Tuesday, August 4, 2015

What to Do With Your Share---Week 13

Losing Rocky has been a tough one for us. We can already see the change in wildlife habits on the farm. Raccoons are on the back porch. Who knows what's next.

Rocky was quite literally a presence in the area. We would see him wander in every direction of the compass. His influence was significant. We get tired just thinking of the effort he expended walking the hills of northeast Clay County, keeping the farm secure.

Watching him work was one of the great things about having him on the farm team. Sleeping, galloping or being petted by the kids, he was one of the finest specimens of a dog you could ever meet. His barking skills were second to none. RIP.

Happy dog in his element
Through all of this we still have to eat. At lunch the other day we hooked farm volunteer Joy on a favorite recipe of ours, marinated eggplant.  We are hoping that these beauties start kicking in for good soon, as the summer won't last forever. Her version is pictured below.

And the high tunnel has been eating too. On Sunday the cover crop of sorghum sudan grass and sunn hemp were mowed down, and then spaded into the soil on Monday. Happy eating.

 7 foot high cover crops

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