Tuesday, April 26, 2016

What to Do With Your Share---Extended Season Week 2

Hard to believe it is still April. The weather has been mild and we have finally gotten some rain. It has gotten a lot of things growing and blooming. Keeping up this time of year includes lots of harvesting.
Walking onions
Our perennial allium crops come on according to their own schedule and this week the chives and walking onions are peaking. The onions are a bit sturdier than a scallions, and can be cooked or used fresh. We also have the Bridger overwintering onion in the field and will begin pulling them too.

The chives include their blooms, which are perfect as a garnish to either fresh or cooked dishes. If you are enjoying our eggs, chives are a savory accompaniment.

Chive flowers
The Red Russian kale we seeded in the greenhouse in early February has grown lush of late and we plan on picking it for the first time this week. This tenderness will mean that a fresh kale salad is fitting. Try the recipe for massaged kale from our last year's May 19th blog.

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