Tuesday, May 17, 2016

In the Share: Week 2

SWISS CHARD F/P  The first picking of these colorful greens.

STRAWBERRIES F/P  We have picked the patch twice through and have enough for everyone to get one pint.  There are many more berries yet to ripen and we should be able to give all a quart by next week.

BUTTERHEAD LETTUCE F/P  The lettuces continue to be both heavy beasts, yet delicate at the same time.  Partial shares get a choice of butterhead or red leaf lettuce.


BOK CHOY F/P  I just finished eating Tom's fried rice for dinner with bok choy, green onions and garlic finished with a few eggs from our hens.  That's good eating!

GREEN GARLIC F/P  Just like onions, you can eat your garlic at the green stage.

CILANTRO AND DILL F/P  Cilantro played a role in the fried rice too.  Yummy!

GREEN ONIONS F  We continue to harvest the over-wintered patch.

ARUGULA F  First picking with hopefully more to come.

NEXT WEEK:  Lettuces, tat soi, strawberries, onions, radishes and broccoli.


Last week I managed to greet almost every member household as you all picked up your first shares.  I enjoyed reacquainting myself with all of you and I hope that you will enjoy what the farm has to offer this season.

When I wasn't hauling crates to and fro last week, I took part in a flurry of planting.  Thousands of heat-loving crops needed to go in and we had about 48 hours to get in done.  Tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, tomatillos, basil, squash, cucumbers and beans are all in.  They were watered in nicely thanks to the rain and are ready to take off with some summer heat that should arrive soon.

With the rains arrival, there was other work to be done.  The last two days have been wash-outs but we just put on the rain gear and keep going.  Here's the crew harvesting the arugula this morning.

On the way to the arugula this morning, we saw these tracks which we think are coyote.  The coyote have lived on the Graff farm for years, but they used to stay further away when we had our dear dog, Rocky.  Now without a dog, we are hoping the coyote are able to move through our fields during their nighttime hunts and help us keep at bay the many critters that want to eat ripe fruits and fresh greens.  Good luck, coyotes!

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Holly Court said...

Saw your note that the next share would include "tat soi" and had no idea what that was, so did some Web searching and came across this article that I decided to share:


Looking forward to trying this new green treat!