Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What to Do With Your Share---Week 14

The dog days are upon us. Every year is different, and I think this one has been especially humid. The words "heat advisory" seem to be permanent on the weather report. The summer plants and cover crops like it warm though, and we are enjoying the harvest they bring.

The nice thing about living by the flow of the harvest is that most recipes will write themselves. One recipe we hope to use a lot in the near future is zucchini noodles. Many of you may be familiar with them as "zoodles." We bought a julienne slicer that can turn a zucchini into a pot of noodles in no time.

Last night we made some, lightly cooked with butter and white wine, topped it with sautéed eggplant, onions,  peppers and black beans, and then a final garnish of fresh tomatoes, local cheese and basil. It was the case that the meal practically made itself.

If you are looking ofr something fancier, we would like to again suggest the eggplant cheesecake suggested in the Facebook a couple weeks ago. A final eggplant suggestion is a classic---eggplant meatballs. We posted this recipe three years ago, and have members that have made it a staple.

We continue to move ahead with our packing room upgrade and processing kitchen construction. We completed a big step this week as we pieced together the second half of our 24 ft by 8 ft walk-in cooler. Special thanks to Rebecca's father John, who lended a big hand and saved the day with his pneumatic chisel.

We are in the final stages of this project and will keep you all informed as we try very hard to wrap things up and pass final inspection by the county.

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