Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In the Share: Week 8

Cherry tomatoes ripening

TOMATOES (F/P) We have just enough for everyone to get one tomato or some cherry tomatoes and not all the fruit you get is completely ripe. To ripen a tomato, leave it on your kitchen counter or for quicker ripening place in a paper bag. Ripe tomatoes of any color (and we grow a lot of different colors) feel soft with gentle pressure. Most of what we have this week are hybrid early reds and heirloom “black” varieties (more burgundy or brown really with various amounts of green-shoulders) and there's a few pink ones. By the end of the season we hope you get a chance to try all of our 30 varieties and find a few favorites.

CARROTS (F/P) While the tomatoes are just starting, the carrot harvest is in full swing. More sweet orange carrots from the April planting.

CUCUMBERS (F/P) The struggling first planting of cucumbers has turned the corner and is pumping out the fruit.

EGGPLANT and/or GREEN PEPPERS (F/P) The graceful eggplants and peppers are also giving up their jewels.

SUMMER SQUASH (F) The first planting of summer squash has been a bit of a dud. The second planting of round squashes is looking good and is just starting to come in. As happens in the squash patch, a few got larger than we want. These will be at the end of the line as a "take what you want" extra. They would be great stuffed or turned into baked goods.

WALLA WALLA SWEET ONIONS (F/P) See Tom’s recipe for a sweet onion, tomato, cucumber salad. Tastes like summer.

HERBS (F/P) Pesto basil bunches or a mixed bunch of summer herbs.

KOHLRABI (all) Extra item this week for those who want it, last of the season but still very tender and substantial.

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NEXT WEEK: More cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, squash and eggplant. Potatoes and beets.

Killing weeds is one of our favorite ways to kill time on the farm. Over the years we have gotten better and quicker at the task. The various cultivators and discs that we attach to our electric Allis Chalmers G made quick work of many a weed this week. Hoes were also put into service for the places the tractor can’t go like around the bigger plants like the tomatoes, peppers and eggplant. The leeks are especially demanding of cultivation because they are in the ground for such a long time. After a combination of farmers and CSA members completed the task of hand weeding around the plants, we were able to get them in top notch shape with a few passes of the G.

Leek cultivating

the end result

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