Tuesday, September 11, 2012

What to Do With Your Share---Week 19

A member of our CSA family recently asked to have a chance to talk in the blog.

Hi CSA members. You all know me, as I have been a member from the start. My name is Kohl Rabi, but you can call me Cole.

The results of the recent survey showed that there are some of you who have a mixed opinion of me at best. While I can appreciate that, I can’t help but have a little bit of a complex. I know I look a little like an alien, and that I have a thick skin, but I really do have a tender heart.

My lineage is in the Brassica family. My oldest know relative is the wild cabbage. The rest of my lineage is closely tied to human desire. I exist only through the hands of agriculture, being made the way I am by manipulation. Some say my family line goes back to the time of the Roman emperors. Others that it was the Germans that brought me to be in the 1400's.
I’m not as strong as my cousin Purple Top Turnip (which FSF no longer grows), or as hot and spicy as my cousin Radish. In fact, my flavor is closer to Broccoli, which I hear is a favorite of most all in the group.
While I look like a root, I actually spend my days above ground as, I admit, I am a stem. It does makes me a little bit of an oddball. After all, how many fat stems do you know? Which is why I suppose, I am so misunderstood.
All I ask is that, if you haven't already, try Tom's simple kohlrabi and dip snack. I hope we meet again.
Your vegetable,
How to Use Your Kohlrabi
Well put Cole. He did not mention though, how right now the kohlrabi is at its peak at Fair Share Farm. Now is the time for the 2012 Fall crop to be harvested.
To eat kohlrabi you need to know how to easily clean kohlrabi. Below are shown a few photos of this procedure. First you will want to trim the top and bottom flat, so that you can easily use a knife or vegetable peeler to take off the skin.
Once you have a cleaned bulb you can cut it however you want. You can start out cutting it in half, and then into half moons. From there it is easy to cut wedges, julienne strips or cubes.

Once you've cut them, set out a bowl of your favorite dip or salad dressing, and snack away. A sprinkling of lemon or lime juice is a nice touch.
So, there you have it. Cole at his best.


TBinKC said...

Dear Cole,

I have a fat stem, too. You are now officially my favorite.


Emily said...

Dear Cole - don't forget - you are also delicious prepared like a potato! Boiled and mashed along with potatoes, or shredded for hash browns (http://www.urbanharvest.ca/recipes/show/3416/ ), or steamed or stir fried. So versatile! Love you, Kohlrabi!

PS: Trish! LOL!