Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What to Do With YOur Share---Week 9

The tomatoes are starting and we hope continuing for much of the rest of the season. Along with the cukes, zukes, onions, peppers and eggplant the summer planting is flourishing. The potatoes are the perfect topping to this abundance. We are looking forward to them being in the shares every other week for awhile.

Perhaps my favorite potato dish is fried with onions and peppers. I have learned the trick of steaming everything before frying to obtain the perfect texture. This weeks potatoes, a combo of Red Pontiac and Purple Viking, really make this dish.

Another item this week is garlic. We only recently dug this pungent allium from the ground, and it does best if it is dried back for about a month. This share's garlic is only 2 weeks old, but still plenty edible. We suggest that you use it within the next couple weeks.

freshly dug garlic
We also are continuing to keep up with our cover cropping schedule, recently seeding numerous beds with a combo of cowpeas and sudan grass. These seedings came up well, and bode well for future crops.

cowpeas and sudan grass at sunrise

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