Tuesday, June 7, 2016

What to Do With Your Share---Week 5

Rebecca and I have been reflecting back on the state of the farm last year at this time, and current state. We decided we like this year much better. We feel good that areas which were swamped out and in such bad shape can turn around and produce the lettuce of this spring. Resiliency is one of the things that biological farming tries to build.

We have been cleaning out the fridge lately and the recipes have been written as we go. The last several nights our wok or large frying pan has been filled with vegetables and gobbled up.

As the season gets busier and busier we find a hearty meal helps refill the tank and like to mix our pasta with our veggies. One go-to meal is Mark Bittman's spaghetti with broccoli raab and galic. We don't grow raab any more, but there is broccoli in everyone's share this week. If you have any garlic greens or scapes left from past shares, this is a good dish to use them in.

Sping broccoli
Another suggestion is a nice sugar snap pea salad. Go to our June 5, 2012 blog for a couple variations on a pea salad with lime-mint vinegarette.

Fogbow over the high tunnel and cro

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