Tuesday, June 5, 2012

What to Do With Your Share---Week 5

Spring is passing to Summer right now. The peas and broccoli are finishing up their runs after a good season. The peas are a record harvest, and the broccoli might be too. Hope you have enjoyed the bounty.

Summer squash harkens the new season, hopefully followed soon by its cousin, cucumbers. But now is your chance to enjoy a good mix of two different season's vegetables. Tonight I made a pasta sauce by sauteing onions, garlic greens, broccoli florets and chopped summer squash and then adding enough cream and butter to build it into a sauce. A little salt, black pepper and nutmeg and you have a dish that's as good as you can get, and filled with share items.

We went to the open house at Urbavore Farm on Saturday and enjoyed an excellent pot luck, while seeing the farming practices of farmers Brooke and Dan. They have put down a wonderful landscape of orchard, fields and "barnyard." The no-till practices they use are based on their knowledge that, as a farmer, your job is to feed the soil. Keep it up guys.

Member Emily Akins' contribution was a pea salad with a mint vinegarette dressing. I missed it but Rebecca raved, so we got the recipe. Emily's version used scapes instead of shallots and was minus the lima beans. We made it tonight using garlic greens and dill and it was very good.

One another note, we have a telescope here on the farm that we use for just such an astronomical event as the transit of venus. While the telescope is not equiped with a camera mount, I have found that you can take a decent picture through the eyepiece with a digital camera. It was a thrill to see first hand.

Venus transiting the sun.

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Lisa Markley, MS, RD said...

Wow! What a cool photo! Definitely getting a telescope one day.