Tuesday, August 26, 2014

In the Share - Week 16

SWEET PEPPERS F/P  Ripe and juicy, with lots of red bull's horn type that are super sweet.

GREEN BEANS F/P  More Roma (flat pods) and Jade (standard pods) plus the start of the Rattlesnake pole beans.
TOMATOES F/P  The heirloom varieties are out-pacing their hybrid cousins right now.

CARROTS F/P  More crisp, orange ones from cold storage

POTATOES F  A choice of yellow or pink ones

NEXT WEEK:  More tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, salsa packs, green beans and eggplant.

This week finds us nearing the end of the planting season.  Most of the fall crops are in the ground and growing well.  It will start feeling like fall when we begin harvesting kale in a couple more weeks.  On Thursday we started plants for the high tunnel:  lettuce, bok choy, Swiss chard, kale, beets and gai lan. 

During these hot, humid days it is nice to dream of  the cool, crisp days of fall spent harvesting greens and, of course, sweet potatoes.  The local wildlife, deer to be exact, had recently begun the sweet potato harvest without us.  Deer love sweet potato leaves and had groomed the rows of some of the tops before we noticed.  No major harm was done we think and the deer fence is now back up and operational. 

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