Tuesday, August 26, 2014

What to Do With Your Share---Week 16

Turns out that we are feeding more than just the soil at the farm, we are providing a bug banquet to the barn swallows every time we mow stuff down. It is a sight to see, as they swoop and flutter all around the tractor. They come so close. You can see their movements so well it makes you feel like you are in on the hunt.

One unique item in this week's share will be the full's choice of eggplant, cucumbers or ground cherries. These fruits are in the same family as tomatoes (Solanaeceae) and enjoy our hot summers. Ground cherries can be eaten raw or cooked.

To snack on one simply peel off the papery husk and pop it in your mouth. The flavor is sweet and somewhat tropical. You can cook them into a delicious jam too. They are not a regular item for the CSA but the five plants that we grew for fun are producing a lot of fruit at the moment.

For some of you this week the rattlesnake beans make an appearance. They are a delicious pole bean that graces the shares this time of year. Green with purple stripes, you will know them also by their nutty flavor. They do have one drawback though, as they develop a string along their edge when they size up. You will need to "string" your beans or cut them into 1-inch pieces. This idiosyncrasy brought one member to ask in last year's survey, "why do you grow them?" Our answer, their unsurpassed flavor. Enjoy.

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PreemptiveKiss said...

LOVE the ground cherries - hopefully they become a regular crop!