Tuesday, August 12, 2014

What to Do With Your Share---Week 14

Cool and wet remain the words of the summer this year. The moisture is welcome, but it hampers the field work. It is a mixed blessing in the high tunnel, where the sudan grass/cow pea cover crop is up to the rafters. We may have to put the roof on early to help dry it out so we can chop down this block of soil food.
Meanwhile, for our palates the selection is a great summer mix. It's a good week to search the fridge and accumulate any goodies you may have. Got too many sweet onions? Chop up 5 or 6 and slowly caramelize them. Freeze what you don't use as a quick addition to future meals.

A green bean, potato and onion hash is a dish suited to these cool days and nights. I encourage you to check out this link to our Week 9 newsletter from 2007. The farm news on the front is pre-Rocky and pre-underground irrigation system. It was a fun read for me. I was wondering what members might remember these times and, by my account, 25 shares have been around since them. They will remember it as the year our lone farm apprentice was Libby Negus.

Not too much more tonight, as the last several days have included scoping, testing and negotiating for a used delivery vehicle to take the baton from Sweetpea. We are in the final stages of procuring an average white van. One with air bags, air conditioning, and a radio---fancy. Hope to get through the remaining hoops soon.

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