Tuesday, April 21, 2015

In the Share: Week 1 extended season

CARROTS sweet roots held over from the fall harvest.

SPINACH  big leaves fresh from the high tunnel

LETTUCE  dainty butterheads and romaines

ASPARAGUS OR GAI LAN  wish we had enough asparagus for all but it is being shy so far.  Gai lan or Chinese broccoli is a nice option with its similarly tender shoots.

KALE or CHARD  or ASIAN GREENS  All out of the high tunnel.  Bok choy, tat soi and Tokyo bekana comprise the Asian greens.

GARLIC CHIVES  chopped fresh on any dish they are in their prime right now

EGGS  just for this week only.  The egg shares will start with the first week of the 24-week season (May 13/16)

GREEN ONIONS from the field patch over-wintered from 2014

GARLIC last of the 2014 harvest should be used promptly. 

NEXT WEEK:  Lettuce, radishes, hakurei turnips, asparagus, greens, gai lan, cilantro and dill.

The first CSA harvest of the year is here and tis the season for Spring cleaning.  The farm crew began the big job of cleaning our 100s of crates.  The wash area and packing room got a good scrub down and we are ready for the harvest. 

Food safety is a priority for the farm crew and we ask for your help in keeping Fair Share Farm a good source for clean, healthy food.  Washing hands often is good hygienic practice.  Avoiding contact with fresh produce when you have flu-like symptoms keeps possible food-borne illnesses from spreading.  Consider these practices when picking up your share as well as at the farm and in your kitchen at home.  Our produce is often rinsed at the farm but should be washed at home before consuming.  At the start of each CSA work day we have a short orientation that covers the basics of food safety.  Please arrive at the farm promptly for this important information.   

Thank you for participating in your local food system.  Happy eating!

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