Tuesday, April 21, 2015

What to Do With Your Share---Extended Season Week 1

Welcome to this year's Fair Share Farm CSA. It is time to begin the 2015 harvest season. Fresh, local vegetables in late-April is something we are glad to be a part of. This year is starting out with lots of promise, and we are looking forward to what's ahead.

The green's choice this week allows for lots of options. One recipe that we think fits them all is the stinging nettle dish in our last blog. A healthy dose of fat/oil, vinegar/wine/citrus juice, salt, pepper, herbs, onions and garlic always make for a savory serving of greens. Leftovers are a great addition to omelets.

This week is the only week of the year we have eggs in the share, so it is the only week I have a recipe devoted to the egg. This dish is a part of my family heritage, the "egg in a basket." Apparently created to make egg and toast eating easier on the high seas, I learned it from my father. It is a great breakfast option to have in your repertoire.

Egg in a Basket

Cut a hole in a slice of bread big enough to hold the yolk of an egg
Butter both sides of the bread
Add 1 teaspoon butter to hot pan, add bread

Crack egg into the hole in the bread
Once the bottom has cooked, about 2 minutes, flip the bread/egg
Cook on other side until golden brown
Serve hot with garlic chive garnish and hot sauce

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