Tuesday, April 28, 2015

What to Do With Your Share---Week 2X

Hard to believe April is in its last week. The mild weather has allowed for a slow awakening for the plants with little damage from the elements. Every year is different, and this year is well paced so far.

Tender greens are a big part of the share this week, with butterhead lettuce at the top of the list. I look forward to the first one each season and have it with not much more than oil and vinegar. Coming out of the high tunnel they are quite tender.

The Asian greens fall into that category too, and are pretty perfect for a stir fry. If you have any greens from last week left make a big one and have it over a couple days. You have the vegetables, so now the question is, what type of sauce do I use?

Food.com has a good basic stir fry sauce recipe  and fortysomething.ca has a nice list of 15 different sauces. Lots of great options.

The pea shoots are a new item we are trying. They are a tender, sweet garnish. Use them on just about anything. Rinse, drain and chop, or put whole in salads.

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