Sunday, March 29, 2015

Marching Along

This time of year is always the most anxious for us. The whole season is ahead of us...transplants to grow, an entire farm to plant, and projects galore to be completed. But they say that challenge is what helps keep a person healthy, so we are glad to have the opportunity to be in this position.

Transplants to put in the ground next week
We continue to start plants in the greenhouse. Summer crops like tomatoes, peppers and eggplant have been seeded, and the cabbage, broccoli, kale and other spring transplants have been moved outside to the cold frame to make room. They will be acclimated to the elements for about a week before being transplanted (weather permitting).

Uncovering the strawberries
Our 2015 apprentices Meghan McQueen and Semra Fetahovic start on Monday. We will ease them into the routine as their spring training begins. Welcome to the farm team and what should prove to be an exciting year.

Thanks also to the membership for attending the sign up meeting. This event is always an important part of the year; a way to reconnect, conduct some business, meet new members, and give all the opportunity to meet our partner vendors. As always the Core Group made it all happen without a hitch. Thanks to them and to St. James Church for hosting.

2015 Sign-up

New partner vendor, Companionship Bread
And we continue to move forward on the construction of our vegetable processing facility. It will be built  in the eastern half of the lower barn. First step is demolition. Our thanks to Mark Flynn and Rebecca's dad John for helping. It is exciting and disconcerting to demolish such a major space.
John and Mark dismantling the roof.

Loafing shed demolition, check.
We have cleaned out, shored up, used, upgraded, and otherwise spent a lot of time in this part of the barn. And now it is gone, ready for its next life. Yes, 2015 should prove to be unique.

And one last thing. It is always interesting to find an artifact. The men who built the loafing shed (apparently in the 1940's) signed their work.

Signed by Keith Stein, Bill Stein and Paul ?   194?