Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Week 1 At the Farm

Tomorrow morning will be the official start of the CSA season on the farm. It’s a time of nervous anticipation at the farm. We hope that you all are as ready as we are for the season to be here. It’s been a long time coming.

Tomorrow’s harvest crew will initiate our new wash & pack area. Not new precisely, but a big improvement over last year’s model. Tom outdid himself on the addition to the loafing shed roof, which now extends over the wash area. No more need for the temporary canopy we have used for the past five years whose hobbies included sailing across our fields in the wind and dripping water on the workers. A table for spraying root crops is going to save a lot of backs and our fabulous apprentice, Jenn Baughman, & I built new tables adding lots of workspace. For the entire construction thanks to more CSA member angels, only the nails are new.

Oh we love our new wash area so! Especially since it is a bright spot on an otherwise nerve-racking sight at the farm. Two out of seven beds of peas rotted , the others only so-so. Two out of six beds of potatoes rotted; ditto on the others. We’re hoping to plant more potatoes this week. Half or more of the broccoli ‘buttoned up’. We’re sending in some of these lovely buttons for you all to see and eat. Thankfully the greens and the alliums survived the muck and the cold. You will see that this week’s shares are filled with them. While the fields are full of crops of which many will undoubtedly produce a bountiful harvest, these first few weeks are going to be a struggle. We’ve got loads of lettuce planted, so be prepared to make some salads. Meanwhile, we will continue to do our best in keeping our commitment to feeding all of our wonderful member families. In four seasons, we’ve had drought, flooding, and pests of all sizes. So far we’ve been able to muddle through these events and still have plenty for us all to eat. Here’s hoping the trend continues! On a positive note, thanks to the chilly spring for the first time ever there is asparagus in the shares. Granted its only ¼ lb. bunches (I recommend eating it raw in your salad), but the cold-induced late start brought its six-week harvest window into the CSA season so that we can all enjoy the crunchy shoots. Hoorah!

And finally before you head out to pick up your shares, a few points to keep in mind…

Fair Share Farm CSA Top Ten List: Things for a CSA Member to Remember:

  1. Pick up your fair share. For the next 24 weeks you have a date with your food, don’t leave it to rot… or have it eaten by others, more likely.
  2. And, perhaps, your other shares. Your meat, bread or egg shares come every other week or once a month.
  3. Bag up your fair share. Used plastic grocery bags may be available at distribution, but bring your own bags of your choosing if you can.
  4. Read about the fair share. Look for a new post about the shares and happenings at the farm every Tuesday night for the next 24 weeks.
  5. Share about the shares. Fill out the surveys sent mid and end of season. Post a comment on the blog.
  6. Eat your fair share. Check out Tom’s blog for all the yummiest recipes.
  7. Contribute your fair share. Distribution & farm shift schedules are posted on our website. All payments due by July 31st, 2008.
  8. Preserve your fair share. Order extra food from the bulk list, once we have extra….
  9. Share your appreciation with the distribution workers and the core. Without the diligent efforts of your fellow members, we farmers would be in a real pickle.
  10. Celebrate the season’s share. Join us at the End of the Season Dinner October 25, 2008 for food, fun and family entertainment.

Until next week,

farmer rebecca

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Macha & John said...

Great top 10 list! Thank you Rebecca. We really enjoyed our salad tonight, so keep that lettuce comming!

Just a note to add to the "top 10" for our fellow eaters: please be sure to take ONLY your fair share until after the pick-up ends at 7:30. I had to work late tonight and my family was sad to find this meant all the asparagus (and bok choy and tat soi) had been taken by the time I picked up our fair share. If distribution really lasts until 7:30, our "fair share" should still be waiting for us in its entirety!