Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Week 5 - City Tasting

Just wanted to post a head's up on what you will be able to sample at the Week 5 City pick up - and where you can find the recipes if you should so desire.

One of the things I've always appreciated about our CSA is that Tom makes great food preparation suggestions whether the fare for the week is completely unrecognizable to me or a trusty old favorite flavor.  This week I'm plying you with the product of two recipes that have become for me annual events as their produce arrives in our share boxes.

The first is from the very first CSA newsletter Week 1, 2004, Creamy Lemon Herb Dressing.  As with all recipes - the fun begins when you become comfortable with the formula enough to try new things.  Today's dip will have tons of Dill and Green Onion and more modest amounts of Cilantro and Garlic Scapes.  I also put in a touch of Agave Nectar and some Raspberry Champagne Vinegar to see what would happen - you'll have to be the judge.  Perfect for:  Dipping all sorts of veggies - particularly Sugar Snap Peas!, baked potato topping, mixed in with some cooled rice after boiling up a batch, add a hefty dollop with some canned tuna and you've got an awesome instant tuna salad, as a greens salad dressing and, disgracefully, it is often enjoyed in my house by the stolen spoonful if no one else happens to be in the kitchen.

The second is very special indeed because it makes wonderful use out of something that I've never found outside of the CSA - baby beets and greens.  The recipe can be found in the second CSA newsletter - Week 2, 2004, Baby Beet Greens and Tomato Sauce.  I didn't have Mizuna, but there were plenty of beet greens so they aren't much missed this time around.  I used Garlic Scapes for the Green Garlic and I decided upon Lime Cactus Corona Beer for the discretionary liquid because I happened to have some handy.  I also substituted Thyme for Oregano due to lack of the called for herb.  Because it would be unmanageable to hand out forks and plates with pasta servings, you'll have to make due with some blue corn chips for your taste testing.  I typically enjoy the Beet Sauce with whole grain thin spaghetti, (again) as a baked potato topper, and as a dressing for a bun-less Boca Chik'n Patty (with a little melted Mozzarella on top = heaven!).

One final tip on CSA recipes - check the archives of previous years newsletters.  Produce tends to come in around the same time each year - so if these recipes don't knock your socks off - browse the first few weeks of 2004/5/6/7.

Yours Sincerely - Stacey the Cook (aka one of your three lovely City Distribution Coordinators)

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