Tuesday, July 21, 2009

In the Share: Week 11

TOMATOES (F/P) A good share’s worth this week, if a bit more cracked due to the rain.
SALSA PACK, BELL PEPPERS OR GREEN BEANS (F) Your choice with many more of all three to come
EGGPLANT (F/P) One for everyone
GARLIC (F/P) The Musik variety is the first to harvest and thus, the first in the shares. Big, meaty cloves with a kick
COLORFUL CARROTS (F/P) A rainbow of carrots this week, each with its own unique flavor
CABBAGE OR BEETS (F) The last of both until fall.
CUCUMBERS (F/P) One for everyone
SUMMER SQUASH (P) One squash and one small cucumber for each partial share
GREEN BEANS (F) ‘Jade’ beans are our favorite, so long and lean.
HERB CHOICE (F/P) Italian basil, summer savory, parsley, chives or a dried herb.

Also this week: Bread of Life Bakery delivery

Next week: More tomatoes, eggplant, cucumbers, salsa packs and beans. Time for onions and potatoes again. The okra will begin appearing in the swap box.

Phew! We just finished a 3-day farming marathon as we attempted to catch up on all of the work that the wet weather had been preventing. The skies were blue and the temperatures mild as we sprinted through the fields sowing cover crops in all the empty beds, seeding the fall beets, carrots and turnips, transplanting broccoli, brussel sprouts and lettuce, preparing beds for fall planting, hoeing several beds of young summer crops, tilling the strawberry patch, and pulling all the onions we could as the rain began falling. The newly-planted broccolis are already spreading out their leaves to take in the sun. The onions are nestled warm and dry in the barn and your farmers will soon lay down their heads for a much-needed rest.

For a few hours on Saturday we shifted our attention to the youngest in the membership. Melissa Laycock, the FSF CSA Kids Activities Coordinator, organized a fun event on the most beautiful day of the season. The kids sat in rapt attention as the Stubblefields explained the secrets of beekeeping. The screened tent kept the little ones safe as Keith opened the hives and pulled out the honey-filled combs for all to see.
Later, we looked for worms in the compost pile and then they planted bean, lettuce and pea seeds in pots to take home.
At the end of the afternoon they cut bouquets for their family from the u-pick flower garden.

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