Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the Share - Week 3

green garlic harvest
This week I will be brief. We are expending all of our energy on planting the crops and very little is left for the blogging. Finally the gods have given us a break from the wet and our fields are prime for planting. So far this week the winter squash, pickling cucumbers, melons and tomatoes are in. This adds to our earlier plantings of summer squash, cucumbers and tomatoes that have been sitting with cold feet. If we're lucky once the shares are harvested tomorrow, we'll get the peppers, eggplant and basil planted. Still on deck are pole beans, more squash, cukes and melons.
And there's the strawberries. The crop is starting nicely. We harvest the patch every morning. Everyone gets a pint this week. By next week we may be up to a quart per share. Also, the lettuce is much, much improved over last week's offerings. I apologize for the sad state of the lettuce last week. It was a muddy mess out there, I tell you. But this week, we've got some beauties and lots of them. So, the full shares are getting 3 heads, the partials 2. Here's the list:

HERB CHOICE (F/P) Cilantro, tarragon or mint

EXTRA: Shallot tops - 1 bunch for all if you who want them. They are the chive-like tops off the shallots. We have heard that trimming the shallots gives a boost to their root development, so we might as well eat them.
While the ground was still soggy we headed over to the Parker Farms picnic on Saturday. Their farm, as always, was beautiful. The animals seemed to be enjoying the spring. Here's the hen house where our eggs come from.

the lovely ladies

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