Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In the Share - Week 11

TOMATOES (F/P) We send in ripe ones and some that will be ripe within a week. Store on your counter and eat when it's brightly colored and soft.
POTATOES (F/P) I'd really like to tell you what variety we are digging tomorrow, but a thunderstorm kept us from sampling the crop tonight. We'll just keep it a suprise until pickup.
WALLA WALLA ONIONS (F/P) More sweet ones, now from the curing loft upstairs in the barn. Thanks to all those hard-working CSA members we've got over half of the onion crop harvested.
SUMMER SQUASH (F) Every summer there comes a time when we have more squash than we can shake a stick at. That time is now. There will be extra at the end of the line this week and more will be donated to area food pantries.
CUCUMBERS (F) Ditto on the cucumbers. It's time for a big bowl of greek salad!
GREEN BEANS (F/P) Full shares get a choice with cherry tomatoes.
EGGPLANT AND PEPPERS (P) One of each from the developing patch. The purple peppers are 'green', or unripe. We are picking them while we wait for the rest of the crop to ripen.
SALSA PACK (F) The tomatillos & jalapenos are doing great. More salsa packs for the partials next week.
CABBAGE OR BEETS (F) The last of the cabbage or beets until fall (partials, you get 'em next).
HERB CHOICE (F/P) Basil, Parsley or Summer Savory
ALSO THIS WEEK: Bread of Life Bakery shares
NEXT WEEK: more tomatoes, cukes, squash, salsa and beans. Carrots and garlic return. maybe melons either next week or the week after.


The tomatoes are ripening, the cooler is bursting with summer squash and cucumbers, and we can barely walk in the fields without tripping over melon and butternut vines, yet there's alot of signs of the coming fall around here.

We start the fall crops at the picnic tables where we seed the flats.

They sprout and grow in the shade tents. The greenhouse is far too hot.

Just before planting we spread compost and harrow it in.

Then its on to our new transplanter.

And just like that you've got 15oo plants in the ground in the span of an afternoon. Thanks to the fabulous farm crew who got the job done despite a nasty spider bite, super steamy weather, nausea, and a delayed honeymoon.

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