Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chicken Trailer Construction

It is a year of expansion at Fair Share Farm. One biggie will be the addition of some laying hens at the end of the month. To get ready for them, and future flocks, we have built a movable chicken trailer.

The video below is a stop action of its construction to date. We are lucky to have had the mild weather needed to comfortably build it, and Luke's construction skill.

Yesterday we took it for a test ride. It was quite solid and we are pleased so far. Our initial flock will be an adoption and will arrive at the end of the month. We plan on adding about 25 chicks in the Fall and maintain about 50 birds. We are looking forward to farm fresh eggs and the fertility that only chickens can provide.

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James Curtis said...

Looking forward for chicken farm construction. Goodluck to your farm construction.

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