Tuesday, August 5, 2014

In the Share - Week 13

SWEET PEPPER F  Just one ripe pepper for the full shares this week, but there should be many more in the coming weeks.  One of our favorite sweet peppers is horn-shaped and is not a hot pepper (bucket on the right above).

EGGPLANT P  Broiled in our toaster oven, it makes an easy addition to later meals or a mid-afternoon snack by itself.

BINTJE POTATOES F/P  Pronounced like the dog, "Benji", it is known for making great french fries.

TOMATOES F/P  Another decent harvest, although nothing like in year's past.  Enjoy them while they last!

GREEN BEANS F/P The first picking is tomorrow morning - come join us if you can!

CUCUMBERS F  The pickling varieties are still hanging on, so we are including some of them.  Eat them as you would the others.

WALLA WALLA ONIONS F  We are intentionally stocking you all up on these sweets.  Eat them now, they are not for storage.

CHERRY TOMATOES F  We hope to have enough for everyone, but can't know until we pick them tomorrow.

ROMA TOMATOES F Make sure you let your tomatoes ripen before using them.  Our Roma varieties are very sturdy and need to sit around awhile to fully ripen.  See Tom's post for more info. on using your Romas.

SALSA PACK F/P  Chile verde is another option with the pack.

GARLIC F/P  More hardneck from the drying barn.

NEXT WEEK:  More tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, onions, salsa and beans.  Carrots return.

It has been a week since we posted the photo of the delivery van being towed away.  Unfortunately the problem was not fixed as reported.  Our former optimism has been replaced with the idea that it may be time for a more modern option.  The gears are churning in the farm office to research the situation.  We'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, we have a ton of beans to pick.  Finally the crop is in and it looks great.  If anyone reading this is able to help with the harvest on any given Wednesday or Saturday morning (8am - noon for at least the next two weeks if not the next month) your farmers will thank you.  If we can't get them picked, that means less beans in the shares.  They are yours for the picking!

 bean rows

Speaking of picking.  The onion harvest has been pretty fantastic.  For the last month if we ever had a spare moment we could always grab some crates and haul onions from the field.  On Saturday the CSA members joined us in pulling many yellow onions.

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