Tuesday, August 11, 2015

What to Do With Your Share---Week 14

This point in August is usually a blur, with a little bit of everything going on; harvesting, planting, weeding, mowing, irrigating, chickening and maintaining. Luckily eating makes the list too.

One crop that is coming on strong right now is the hot peppers. This harvest is timed well with the results of a recent study that concludes spicy food may help you live longer. It's only a maybe, but if you read the article you will find that hot peppers have plenty of nutritional and  anti-inflammatory benefits, while stimulating the kidneys, lungs and heart.

Our blog from August 3, 2010 has a good description of what your choices might be this week (partials shares  next week). The NuMex, hot wax and jalapenos all have similar medium hotness that doesn't last too long. Some may find them spicier, but they are more mid-scale hotness peppers.

When you cut them open it is the seeds and inner memberane that have the most heat, so stay clear of them if you don't want you hands to burn. Half of a jalapeno chopped up provides a nice kick to any dish.

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