Tuesday, November 17, 2015

In the Share: Week 31

SPINACH  Big, dark green leaves have grown back nicely from our picking two weeks ago.

LETTUCE  The last of the lettuce from the high tunnel, mostly red-leaf.

CARROTS AND BEETS  A bag with a bunch of each.

FRISEE ENDIVE  From the high tunnel


SWEET POTATOES  O'Henry white ones this week.

BABY LEEKS  We had to turn under our leeks this Spring after the deluge left them waist-high in the weeds.  We re-planted but they just didn't have enough time to size-up. 

GREEN GARLIC  From the high tunnel, some fresh garlic plants.

NEXT WEEK:  You are on your own for the winter.  We invite you to visit us and your local producers at the Bad Seed Market every Friday to get your fill of produce, proteins and ferments.

Here we are in the final week of the 2015 CSA season.  The last of the carrots are out of the ground thanks to the efforts of the Saturday CSA crew.

I would be lying if I said we weren't happy to see the last of the crops come out of the field and the last CSA shares packed.  2015 was a real doozie that we hope to never see its equal.  According to the old-timers in our area, the amount of rain that came down in early summer was a once-in-a-lifetime experience.  We sincerely hope so!

We are incredibly lucky to have such an understanding group of folks who support us.  This past Saturday, the Core Group met and reviewed the results of the member survey.  I will be sending out an email that goes into greater depth on the survey responses, but until then know that your comments and suggestions were taken to heart and will inform our decisions this winter as we plan for 2016 and beyond.

Your farmers don't hibernate much in winter.  In addition to working on the barn, repairing equipment, planning for next year and caring for the chickens, Tom and I will be selling our fermented foods at the Bad Seed Market most Fridays from now through February.  We not only sell our products there, it is where we shop so that we can eat local year-round.  This Friday is the double-sized pre-Thanksgiving Extravaganza, where you can get everything you need for the big feast.  Hope to see you there!

The next day (Saturday, 11/21), while Tom stays at the farm to welcome the last CSA crew of the year, I will be just down the street from the Bad Seed at the first ever KC Food Circle Holiday Market (1522 Holmes, 9am - 6pm).  It should be a fun event as it is a combination farmers market with KC Food Circle farmers like us plus crafty people and businesses who use sustainable, local materials.  Go local this holiday season!

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