Thursday, March 31, 2016

A March Like No Other

It is the last day of what seems to have been an endless March. This year has come to life about as early as we have ever seen. The fields are planted with potatoes, peas, onions, herbs, lettuce, carrots, beets, chard, cabbage and broccoli. A first from what our records show.

This unique situation has made us anxious, hopefully in a good way. Timing is everything with vegetable growing. The soil has felt wonderful, and things seem to be doing well.

Tom and I are joined this year by apprentices, Kimberly and Karen, along with Jody, who has returned for a third season here working part-time. Add in the CSA members and our farm team for 2016 is set.

Thanks to the Core Group for a smooth as always sign-up meeting. The cash flow that CSA brings to the farm in mid-March is another example of how timing is everything. Thanks to all new and returning members.

Big news for the CSA:  we have a new site in the crossroads to pick up your share. The partners of the soon-to-be opening, Lifted Spirits Distillery at 1732 Cherry Street, just blocks away from the old Bad Seed, have graciously allowed us to use their space for CSA distribution. We are very grateful to their willingness to house us after a long search. 

In 2004 our first CSA share went out at the Crossroads farmers market started by local food pioneer, Heather Hands and her store, Local Harvest at 18th and Wyandotte. After a short stint on 39th Street we returned to the Crossroads and resided at Bad Seed for the past eight years. We are thrilled to keep our roots in this vibrant part of KCMO. 

For those who may be hesitant about the "bar" ambiance, we will be in a back store room that has it's own entrance, so no one will need to walk through a haze of spirits to get their produce.  But, of course, you can swing by the front of the building on your way, if you so desire.

Back on the farm, we have ambiance too.  Enjoy the roll of photos below.

Working on the deer fence

In the greenhouse

New cover crop planter-part of our SARE project

Row covering the cabbage
Home field at dusk

Sign up
Easter egg hen

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