Thursday, February 21, 2008

G Conversion Day 2

On Saturday 2/16 member Lorne Carroll came out to help with the G conversion. As we kept warm by a propane heater, we emptied the boxes of parts and began assembling what we could.

The basics of this conversion is to remove the gasoline engine (done last week) , and tie an electric motor to the drive shaft of the tractor. You can see the shaft in the picture at left.

As a part of the G conversion kit we purchased, we have the pully unit that will attach to this drive. Then, the new electric motor will drive the pully, and the wheels will move! Just that simple, except for the fact that we have 6 eight volt batteries to wire up, as well as safety fuses, controllers, and other pertinent equipment. So, we are still on the first step--installing the motor and new drive system.

The video at left is of Lorne securing the new electric motor to the plate that will attach to the tractor. It was then we found out we were shipped a part with some missing components, so work slowed a bit. This Saturday 2/23 we start up again as we weld up a platform for the batteries to sit on, and start installing more parts.

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