Thursday, February 14, 2008

Greenhouse sprouting

Eight days, some water and warmth, and the onion seedlings have begun to push through. For most of the trays it looks like a good germination rate. Others are still getting started.

We continue our seeding this week with herbs and a try at black currants.

Rocky is doing well, though it turns out, not especially obedient. Due to his many escapes, we have begun letting him out during the day. He has learned to stay around the house but has been getting into trouble in the home garden (eating row cover) and chasing our cat Sunny.

Still, he's doing good for less than 2 weeks on the farm. He also was spayed this week. And those are puppy paw prints next to the size 11 boots, not mountain lion.


Stacey said...

Blog looks great!

bellananda said...

yay! another blog to add to my friendslist! :D

i think it looks really good, guys, and it'll be a great way to keep up communication between y'all and us "eaters."