Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Week 18 - Farm report

In the Share: Week 18
WINTER SQUASH (F/P) An assortment of types: mainly ‘Carnival’
LETTUCE (F/P) Welcome back the tender greens
ARUGULA (F) Partials get a choice of arugula amongst the greens
CHOICE OF GREENS (F/P) including collards, kale and broccoli raab.
TOMATOES (P) mostly cherry tomatoes
HERB CHOICE (F) Basil or thyme or a dried herb.

Also this week: Bread of Life bread shares

Next Week: More radishes, turnips, lettuce, peppers and greens. Sweet potatoes and onions. Meat & egg share delivery.

MARK YOUR CALENDARS - - SATURDAY, OCTOBER 25th, The 5th Annual Fair Share Farm CSA End of the Season Dinner. Get to know your community of eaters at the best darn potluck ever! Stay tuned for more information.

Farm report
The soggy weather has returned after a too brief respite. Our main concern at this point are the tender greens: lettuces, arugula, spinach, etc. who are very sensitive to wet feet. Right now they look a bit wilty in areas but should be okay if they could have a break from the rain. As luck would have it, more rain is in the forecast. A good deal of it fell during last Wednesday’s harvesting. The CSA crew slogged it out heroically. In the cold rain they gleaned the last of the pole beans from the trellises and harvested a good crop of cherry tomatoes.

The farm crew on Saturday had much more favorable conditions and so we took the opportunity to harvest a bumper crop of sweet potatoes. With so many hands we flew down the row. In less than an hour we had harvested a third of the crop which looks to be about 400 lbs. The newly harvested roots are curing in the perfectly hot and dry conditions of the otherwise empty greenhouse. Curing allows the sweets to toughen their skins so that they will keep well and can be washed and distributed. Look for some in your shares starting next week.

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