Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dark and Stormy Night, Sheep and Vegetables

Thurday night was hauntingly beautiful here. A storm a couple counties northeast of us experienced some rough weather, funnel clouds included. At sunset we could see the storm clouds. At dark, the lightening.

Friday our two sheep arrived, courtesy of our favorite shepherd, Tom Parker. It is an experiment to a) keep Rocky and his instincts occupied, b) see if we can manage vegetables and livestock, c) attempt to reduce our mowing requirements, and d) take advantage of the sheeps' ability to convert grass and weeds to organic fertilizer.

The crops are doing well, though some have been quite stressed by this Spring's rain and cool weather. Rebecca cultivated 12 beds of beets, onions, carrots, spinach and broccoli in about an hours time with the electric G tractor on Thurday night, a task that in the past would have taken several days. The strawberries love the wet weather with many, many blooms right now. The virtually weed free bed is thanks, in most part, to the CSA.

Next blog on Wednesday to go along with the first week's share. Let the season begin!


Emily said...

Amazing storm pictures! Can't wait to meet the sheep. Nice to know the satisfying weeding of the strawberry beds is paying off. See you Wednesday!

Lorne said...

Alright! SHEEP! Man, what a wonderful path to travel down in the world of local, sustainable food! Beware of Angela and check her car every time she leaves the farm: might find a city bound sheep cramped into the trunk.