Tuesday, June 23, 2009

What to Do With Your Share -- Week 7

This week the fare of the share is familiar items---carrots, chard, summer squash, broccoli, cukes, and a true harbinger of Summer---basil. The busy week and energy zapping heat has precluded us from creating a new dish this week, so we refer you to some past treats from the blog and newsletter.

Broccoli and Pasta...with Baby Meatballs
Classic Pesto
Cucumber and Summer Squash Marinated Salad
Ranch Dressing Kohlrabi Salad
Summer Squash with Lemon, Butter and Cream Sauce

Enjoy !

Bulk Order List (week of June 22)
Kale - $3.00/bunch
Swiss chard - $3.00 per bunch
Spring carrots - $2.50/bunch
Green onions - $2.50/bunch
Oregano, mint - $1.75/bunch
Basil - $2.oo/bunch

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