Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Fair Share Farm Art Project

And now for some CSA fun. The Fair Share Farm Art Project is online. The time has come for all you members and friends of the farm to let us know what you think about food. Express your thoughts in the way that only art can capture.

We have set the stage. The idea, the website, the team, the judges, the opening venue. All that we need now is the art. Go to http://www.fairsharefarmart.com/ to learn the details. The submissions are coming in, so check back often.

All made possible through the generous work of the following:
Stacey Cook, Director---it's only the beginning, eh?
Bobby and Christina Hubbard, web design---awsome job folks
Heather Murphy---inspiring logo Heather
Farmer Rebecca---the stabilizing force

A thanks also to our competition judges: Laura Berman, Dean Kube, Pete Dulin and Pam Taylor. More on them at the Judges link soon. Suffice it to say, the local art community is pumped to help out with the project.

You've know about this since March, but time is running down with only about 8 weeks until the submission deadline. The peak of summer is a great time to reflect on food. Can't wait to hear from everyone.

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