Tuesday, July 12, 2011

In the Share - Week 9

TOMATOES (F/P) The heat is bringing on the favorite fruits of summer. This week Nyagous, a velvety brown heirloom is coming in nicely along with our early reds.
CHERRRY TOMATOES (F) Try one of the pink ones, it’s a new variety for us. Let us know what you think.
POTATOES (F/P) We’ll be digging the Caribe and the Kennebecs this week. Both are have a mealy texture great for mashing.
BEETS (F/P) Last of the spring beets go in the shares this week plus a few available on the bulk list.
CUCUMBERS (F) The cucumbers grew fast in this heat, which is perfect weather for a cold bowl of gazpacho.
SUMMER SQUASH (F) Lots of round zucchini and pattypan squash. So cute and they won’t slide off the grill like the long ones.
GREEN BEANS (F/P) Whoa, we went from no beans, to loads of beans. With few pickers on the schedule we can’t pick them all. Everyone gets a good amount this week, but if you want more you’ll have to come pick ‘em yourself.
EGGPLANT AND GREEN PEPPERS (F) Soon we will let the peppers ripen and stop picking their green fruit. In the meantime, enjoy!
GARLIC (F/P) Partial shares get a choice of garlic or herb. The garlic is not quite cured, so use soon or refrigerate.
HERBS, HOT PEPPERS OR SALSA PACK (F) Basil, thai basil, dried herbs, jalapenos, Numex anaheims, or salsa pack. It’s a hodge podge of good things to complement your vegetables. Read Tom’s post for more info.
ALSO THIS WEEK: Bread of Life Bakery shares
NEXT WEEK: More beans, tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, cucumbers and squash. Onions and carrots.

To state the obvious, it has been blazing hot this week. As luck would have it, back in May we chose this weekend for a volunteer day at the farm. I am happy to report that the weekend was injury-free and that we got a lot of work done despite the heat. A big thank you goes out to all the folks that braved the heat with us: John Graff, Kelly Parker, Rick Robson, Mark Flynn, Tiffany Coleman, Trish Berrong, Chris Riebenslager, Lucas Knutter, Keith and Nancy Stubblefield. We know there could have been many more comfortable ways to spend your weekend, instead you slogged it out with your farmers who are forever grateful.

The barn at the farm has seen alot over the century that it has stood. Originally built to dry tobacco, it once held a dairy operation before its current life as our vegetable farm's only barn. It serves us as a packing house, storage and tool shed, garlic and onion drying house and equipment shed and workshop.

On Saturday the tearout of the old siding began.

By Sunday morning all the siding was off and the new, wider doorway was framed in.

The new siding went up as the sun beat down.

Almost finished and no one passed out from the heat. Hooray!

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Anthony said...

I love summer fruits. Well, there's nothing like a big slice of watermelon under the summer heat. That's a great barn transformation, and great choice with the new sidings.

-Anthony Blommel