Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What to Do With Your Share---Week 10

Some suggestions this week for eating in the heat. This hot weather calls for only limited cooking, so as to keep the house coooool. Here are a few of the things we have been eating during the heat wave.

With the tomato surplus rising, we continue to gobble them up. Our standard lunch for the last week has been tomato sandwiches. They always include some type of basil accompaniment. The simplest is to pluck some large leaves and layer them on. Another is to make some pesto and use it as a spread. You can add the pesto to some mayonnaise and it will last even longer. Dress it up however you want, and eat it quick, as you can’t pack it in your lunch unless you want a soppy sandwich.

Gazpacho is yet another quick meal from the share that fills our fridge regularly. Last year’s blog has a gazpacho primer. This no-cook, cool soup is one of those things that tastes so right on a 99 degree day.

As a Bread of Life specialty bread subscriber we regularly get pizza crust in our share. We bought a new toaster oven last winter that fits a 12 inch pizza crust. A few fresh veggies, some homemade goat cheese, a sprinkling of olives or anchovies, and dinner is served.

You may remember from two weeks ago that we started to ferment some cukes into pickles. This old, old food preservation method has held on for centuries for a reason. It works so well, is easy, and creates a taste treat you can only get from cukes, water, salt, seasoning, a crock, and patience.

The photo below is the finished pickle. Fragrant, tart, crunchy and juicy, you have to taste them to understand just how good they are.

On the bulk front, along with the paste tomatoes, we suggest trying the jalapenos. Last year we canned them Mexican style (Chiles Jalapenos en Escabeche). Our recipe is from the critically acclaimed The Art of Mexican Cooking by Diana Kennedy. A link to a very similar recipe is here. If you like jalapenos, and want some to tend to a wintertime craving, make this dish.

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