Tuesday, October 4, 2011

In the Share - Week 21

BROCCOLI (F/P) We returned from our float down Jack’s Fork River just in time to harvest over 100 lbs. of broccoli today. They are big and beautiful despite the grasshoppers chewing on the tops of some. Also, we tried real hard to keep the caterpillars at bay, but you may need to soak the broccoli to get rid of any we left behind. 

SWEET POTATOES (F) The regular orange sweets this time around.

GARLIC (F/P) We’ll be planting next year’s crop in about a month’s time. We save the biggest heads and plant their cloves six inches apart.

CHOICE OF GREENS (F/P) An assortment: Asian greens, Collards, arugula, Swiss Chard, Rapini

LETTUCE (F/P) They are sizing up slowly so we are trying to restrain ourselves from picking too many too soon. This week everyone gets one head.

PEPPERS AND/OR EGGPLANT (F) These warm days are keeping them producing.


TOMATOES (F) Not sure how many we have but they are attempting a small resurgence.

ALSO THIS WEEK: Bread of Life Bakery shares, last distribution of Of the Earth fruit shares

NEXT WEEK: More broccoli, lettuce, peppers, eggplant and greens. Leeks, cabbage and cauliflower.

Tom and I managed a quick vacation this week, our first since sometime in February. We joined my sister Sally and her family on a float down one of Missouri’s lovely spring-fed rivers. See Tom’s post for more and photos of the lush Alley Spring. We returned today to our dry prairie farm and with much else to do this post is brief. Here’s the current view of our irrigation pond. It has dropped significantly, perhaps 4 feet since this Spring.

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