Tuesday, May 29, 2012

In the Share - Week 4

sugar snap peas

LETTUCE (F2/P1)  The green Romaines have grown big and beautiful this week.  Everyone gets one plus another type for the full shares.  Time for some Caesar salad!

BROCCOLI (F/P) We have big bunches of broccoli this week.  Inspect the heads for any green caterpillars we might have missed by either soaking in salt water or just keeping an eye peeled as you chop them up.

SUGAR SNAP PEAS (F/P)  Enjoy the peas while they last because they won’t last long!  We think we hit a record harvest on Saturday with 140 lbs. of peas picked.

SNOW PEAS (F)  We grow a bigger variety than what you see in the store.  We like them because they get sweeter as the peas fill out the pods.

SCALLIONS (F/P)  Green onions go in every springtime dish and we have started to grow more of these little guys. 

KOHLRABI (F/P)  Like an alien spaceship that has landed on the earth, these bulbs grow right above the ground. See Tom’s post for more on this spring treat.

GREENS CHOICE (F/P) We have an assortment of greens in the field to pick.  We plan to include baby bok choy, kale, and/or tat soi.

HERB CHOICE (F)  Cilantro, dill, parsley or mint

ALSO THIS WEEK:  Parker Farms shares

NEXT WEEK:  More lettuce, peas, broccoli and kohlrabi.  More Hakurei turnips and the first of the summer squash and baby beets.

Our dear friend, Bill McKelvey, made his annual springtime visit to the farm last weekend.  We met Bill while we were selling our produce at what is now the Westport Farmers Market.  Bill is a talented home gardener, a professional working to expand access to fresh produce in underserved communities and a skilled photographer.  His visit coincided with a marathon of pea picking on Saturday morning.  In this post all photos are his.  Here’s just a few of his great shots….

I love the tunnel of peas with high tunnel in background.

Bill caught great portraits of some of my favorite people.

FSF apprentice and newlywed, Dani Hurst and ...

FSF apprentice, Ryan Stubby, and ...

 my favorite farmer, Tom Ruggieri.

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