Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What to Do With Your Share---Week 24

Seems like only yesterday that the season began, and here we are in October in the last week. We made it through the drought, and the October frosts, and still have plenty of vegetables.We have had a very good year, all in all, and hope it has been good for you too.

The Outstanding in the Field dinner is approaching quickly, and we are ready to be quite busy the next 2 days prepping to host over 100 guests. We are quietly stressing as we also prepare for this week's harvest. Luckily digging tender Fall carrots calms our nerves, as does any good harvest.

We hope you enjoy the newest item this week, bulb fennel. There is perhaps no other plant as aromatic in our fields. A frost, a rain, or a stiff breeze will cause fennel to scent the air with a wonderful fresh smell. On the culinary side it adds a nice brightness to salads, and is good anywhere you would use celery.  One recipe that might fit into what you have in your fridge is Roasted Fennel, Leeks and Kohlrabi, from our 2011 Thanksgiving post.

We appreciate the support we get from our CSA and want to remind you that we couldn't do this without you. As we begin our first extended season we start a new era at the farm, and look forward to providing you with vegetables for even more of the year.


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