Tuesday, April 30, 2013

What to Do With Your Share---Extended Season Week 2

This Spring has been extra-ordinary, to say the least. In doing our 10 year history we thought we had seen everything. But them comes along the latest yet Spring for us, and one that hasn't been equaled in a long time.

For us, we see where we stand based on our asparagus harvest. So, instead of a lot of photos, this week you get a table. It shows the year and the date of our first asparagus harvest of each year. Last year was the earlist ever, and this year the latest. Crazy.

2005   4/10
2006   4/7
2007   4/23
2008   4/26
2009   4/24
2010   4/19
2011   4/23
2012   3/28
2013   4/30

Rebecca, Ryan and Lorne planting leeks 4/30/13
The crunch of planting had not given time to prepare and present an original meal, but have some general suggestions. First off, make lots of dressing. The herbs and green onions are a wonderful accent to a salad dressing, whether in a yogurt or  oil & vinegar mix.

Second, make a big salad and take advantage of the freshness of the lettuce. Sometimes it is good to increase portion size. We get out our biggest bowls this time of year so we can fill them with plenty of greens and goodies, before topping it with a fresh dressing. Yum.

Lastly, use up every drop of your share. This time of year, especially, your body appreciates the goodness of these earliest of garden greens. It is their season.

Long-time members Bill and Fran Gillespe with Rebecca

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