Tuesday, May 7, 2013

What to Do With Your Share---Extended Season Week 3

We are sorry that this year's extended season got stuck in the middle of a Winter-Spring schizophrenia.  After doing our 10 year look-back we thought we had seen most everything, but apparently not. We don't want May snow and temps in the 30's, but try to be prepared for it. Such is the case with the strawberries

We are pleased that the row cover we put on them before the sleet and snow storm helped protect the blossoms and minimize damage. The blooms are starting to come on right now, and they look healthy and bright.


While this week's share is a little lighter than we would like, it does afford some variety.

For any Asian greens that you get this week, or have in the fridge, I recommend Emily Akins' Bok Choi and Garlic Soup. It may be warming up outside, but it is still Spring, and a broth with vegetables is always good for you.

The same is the case with the green garlic and onions. Use all the garlic and onion in the share, as well as any that you have in the fridge to make a healthy soup. You can "beef " it up by adding croutons and cheese on top, or by adding the protein source of your choice.

And while we have not dug the carrots yet to see just how many we have for you, we did sample one today and can tell you that they taste great. We will work to provide more next Spring.

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