Tuesday, June 18, 2013

What to Do With Your Share---Week 5

This week's share is a well rounded selection that includes fruits, roots and greens. The peas are in that fruit category, and their sweetness tells you so. The fresh hakurei turnips make a return appearance as our second planting starts sizing up. And our newest green, cabbage, serves to "round" things out.

Another few newbies are Thai basil and herb fennel. They both have the same subtle licorice essence, but they are very different herbs. The basil is a key ingredient inThai cuisine. Use it fresh in lettuce wraps or spring rolls (yum). Both of these dishes are from natural born cook Heather Hands. Most any ingredient in your share can be substituted into each of these recipes.

Spring roll (from csachef.blogspot)

Lettuce wraps (from csachef.blogspot)
As of right now we have lost 1 phone, 1 desktop computer, and 1 digital camera in a very short time period. And while we are able to function fine without them temporarily, it complicates life. But when Rebecca says "it sure is quieter in here without the computer fan going constantly," you realize what we give up for modern technology.

That is also why we enjoy a job that is dictated by Nature instead of technology. Even when the fields, once again are too wet to work in, there is plenty to keep us occupied, like building the Fair Share Farm shade structure (say that fast a couple times). The farm crew did their usual great job of getting the greenhouse ready for seeding the fall transplants and drying herbs. Spring summer and fall all converge on us this time of year.
Just planted melons high and wet

Attaching the shade cloth

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