Tuesday, June 25, 2013

What to Do With Your Share---Week 6

Tonight is being spent prepping for a talk tomorrow that I get to give on the cover cropping and soil management systems we use on the farm. Lincoln University and MU have asked me to present as a part of a Train the Trainer workshop on conservation agriculture and sustainable production.

I enjoy having the opportunity to talk about biological farming, its many benefits, and its inherent difference from chemical agriculture. Over ten years it has become very apparent that the cover cropping, compost application, tillage methods, mineral additions, crop rotations and other practices have continually improved the farm's fertility. It is fun to watch...and eat.

For this week's share I suggest that you link to our September 11, 2012 blog and learn alittle from our friend Cole about kohlrabi. Or try the pickled hakurei turnip and lemon recipe and in a week you will have, to quote Rebecca,  "lemonade turnips."

Great copy by Dani Hurst in the Greenability, and this spring's hakurei pickles

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