Tuesday, August 20, 2013

What to Do With Your Share---Week 14

It is always nice to be at a transition point of the season. That is going on right now in the shares as the melons on the farm ripen and the green beans mature.

The question with melons is do you have a customary condiment to enhance the flavor? I never remember putting anything on cantaloupe, but my dad would salt his watermelon. Lately I've met
folks that put salt and pepper on their 'loupe, or even tajin.

The beans are at their best. The irrigation and germinating rains of late July, matched with the gorgeous weather of August is manifested in the crop right now. If the bugs stay away we expect beans for awhile.

So start thinking of the many ways you can use them. Since having it in a restaurant year ago, I have liked Green Beans with Asian five spice powder. Another nice thing to do is roast your green beans. And then of course there is green bean salad.

We enjoyed a visit from my sister Cathy and her friend Sister Mary Barbara over the weekend. They pitched in at the end of the day Friday, and again on Saturday morning, before soaking up the history and beauty of northeast Clay County. They passed through on US Route 36, which is just north of us. It is called the Way of the American Genius for good reason. Check it out someday.

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